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Steel Info



  • Almost all of my knives are made from CPM-S35VN Steel, hardened to 59 HRC.
  • Every knife receives a cryogenic treatment as a part of the heat treating process, to increase the stability and overall performance.


I chose to work mainly with S35VN for several reasons. When looking at the charts you can see that It offers increased wear resistance (edge retention) and toughness (strength) over steels like 440C, D2, and 154CM. While other steels such as 3V are tougher, and 10V wears slower, they lack stainless properties. When my customers are spending $300+ on a knife, the last thing I want them to do is have to constantly oil their blades, resharpen their knives, or worse, replace a knife if it breaks. This lead me to S35VN. Of all of the CPM-Steels, it offers the greatest edge retention, and toughness while still remaining stainless. And while there are many other high end steel choices out there, I chose to go with CPM steels since they are American made, and readily available in large quantities. 




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